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It’ll be just you and your group.
Decide on the most suitable guide and tour for you.


We offer a choice of independent guides with personality and enthusiasm as an alternative to the pre-arranged high-quantity, low-quality tours that cruise ship passengers are usually sold.

Find your Tour Guide

We connect you, the cruise ship passenger, with your own passionate private guide.

Read great reviews

Choose the guide with the right mix of passion, energy, personality to fit your group of family/friends.

Book the Tour date

Once you’ve chosen your guide/tour, you can either enquire as to their availability or book it right away.

Meet at Dublin Port

Once the tour is booked, you can relax. Your guide will meet you with a smile as you disembark the ship at Dublin Port.


Big group
30-50+ people

Small group
1-16 people

On a bus with stranger

Just you and your family

Standard itinerary
A one-size fits all itinerary

Custom itinerary
You discuss with the guide
where you’d like to go

Robotic tour guide
Talks at you, limited range of themes/topics/styles so you get bored
easily. No humour, passion, energy and enthusiasm

Enthusiastic tour guide
Talks to you, diverse range of themes/topics/styles so your energy and attention are always up. Lots of humour, passion, energy and enthusiasm

Forgettable experience
You may have enjoyed it, but it was
mediocre and definitely won’t be
the highlight of your trip

Memorable experience
The guide authentically connects
on a personal level. You’ll smile remembering the amazing day you had


Step 1: Read about our guides – their reviews and availability click here.

Step 2: Decide on the best one for you and your family/friends

Step 3: Either book the tour right away or contact the guide.

Step 4: Enjoy a wonderfully memorable tour.

Step 5: Leave review to help fellow travellers.

Need help? Here’s a quick guide to lead you through the process.

Experience a tour that will bring you a great memory of Dublin

Book a private tour for you and friends/family! Choose your tour, contact your personal tour guide, and get collected straight from Dublin cruise terminal.

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