Meet Derek

Derek Smith, Tour Guide

I grew up in the Boyne Valley (Co. Meath), the most important historic area in Ireland. From the age of 10, I would jump on my bike and go off exploring. I was fascinated to discover monuments that I had no idea existed. Today, though I may be quite a bit older, I still have the same intense thirst for what is left to be discovered. So join me as we explore passage tombs, battle sites, monasteries, castles, and places connected to local folklore, like Fairy Trees. (We’ll have a luxury 8-seater vehicle instead of push-bikes!)

I am aware of the history that these sites have had with me personally, and with us, the Irish nation, throughout the ages. I want to emphasise how I & we feel standing in the shadow of a Norman Castle or at an ancient tomb. And I want you to get that same feeling too.

For me, tour guiding is about connection. Connecting you to Ireland, but also me connecting to you. I love connecting with people (particularly families with multiple generations): finding out what would REALLY interest you, going to off-the-beaten track places, and learning about you and your nation’s culture and history. 

What a great experience getting to know Meath with Derek! He was born and raised there and obviously loves it. His level of knowledge and personal connections in the area add immeasurably to the day. Also, his open and humorous personality are winning from the start! Highly recommend this tour!

Joan and Larry M
Fort Collins, Colorado


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